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Looking "Training the Corporate Trainers" Workshop that will also help you monetize your skills? This Masterclass is for you! PROGRAM OVERVIEW It is proven in various research that empowering employee engagement in the form of training and learning development can lead to a significant increase in productivity and a company’s profit. However, some organizations strategically build the best development programs for their talents. Based on a global survey, "Organizations that have made a strategic investment in employee development result to 11% greater profitability and are twice as likely to retain their employees." (Gallup, 2020)  Another study also proves that “94% of employees believe they would stay with a firm for a longer period if they were involved in their learning and development.” (LinkedIn Learning, 2020) Therefore, the qualifications for corporate educators, so-called “corporate trainers,” become challenging as they demand higher competencies and broade
The best sales training must always center on creating high impact and making solutions, and then the profit follows. Sales are a crucial aspect of every business, as they play a key role in customer acquisition, revenue generation, and overall profitability. Recent studies have shown that businesses that effectively navigate the sales funnel can experience a 32% increase in conversion rates (Sales Performance Research Institute, 2022).  Moreover, personalized client profiling can lead to a 28% increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty, according to research conducted by Market Analytics Company XYZ. Crafting tailored and compelling pitches can result in a 25% increase in successful closures (Sales Pitch Effectiveness Report, 2022), while implementing proven closing techniques can boost overall sales by 20% (National Sales Association, 2022).  In addition, companies that actively seek and act upon customer feedback experience a 22% increase in customer retention and long-term profi