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Looking "Training the Corporate Trainers" Workshop that will also help you monetize your skills? This Masterclass is for you!


It is proven in various research that empowering employee engagement in the form of training and learning development can lead to a significant increase in productivity and a company’s profit. However, some organizations strategically build the best development programs for their talents. Based on a global survey, "Organizations that have made a strategic investment in employee development result to 11% greater profitability and are twice as likely to retain their employees." (Gallup, 2020) 

Another study also proves that “94% of employees believe they would stay with a firm for a longer period if they were involved in their learning and development.” (LinkedIn Learning, 2020) Therefore, the qualifications for corporate educators, so-called “corporate trainers,” become challenging as they demand higher competencies and broader perspectives.

This pressing demand encouraged Azcend Leadership to launch its “Masterclass for Corporate Trainers.” This program aims to share updated best practices in adult learning facilitation and build strong alliances of corporate trainers across the Philippines who are open to learning and collaboration. 

The Azcend Leadership’s Masterclass for Corporate Trainers Level 1 seeks to enhance one’s facilitation skills and fundamental core competencies of a corporate trainer. This program opens more opportunities for the participants,  both in learning and business sustainability of the corporate training profession.


At the end of this learning session, you will be able to:


describe the fundamental definitions, scope of work, and primary responsibilities of a corporate trainer in comparison to other learning-based professionals;


enumerate the steps and elements of various frameworks necessary for corporate training, such as the Azcend Leadership Training Framework, Training System Process, ADIE Framework, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Knowles' Six Principles of Andragogy, Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle Model, Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Model, and other tools in business management;


conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and do a diagnostic assessment of the client’s challenges, gaps, and training needs;


design a learner-centered training session and training program;


evaluate the training outline based on Kirkpatrick’s evaluation standards;


practice the best practices in effective presentation and public speaking;


formulate cohesive personal branding for your corporate training profession;


plan for the sustainability and monetization plan of your corporate training career and


collaborate with Azcend Leadership and your co-participants for continuous learning.


✅ Gain up-to-date best practices in corporate training and adult learning facilitation.

✅ Discover the people's learning processes in the corporate world by understanding the nature of your clients’ businesses.

✅ Create high-impact corporate training programs through research-based, practical, and effective methods. 

Become a part of the Azcend Leadership’s Pool of Trainers!

✅ Learn the step-by-step process to professionalize your corporate training business.


💼 Corporate executives who want to launch their corporate training career.
💼 Full-time and in-house corporate trainers who wish to get updated with the new trends in learning and development.
💼 Employees or business owners who are exploring corporate training as a career.
💼 Full-time in-house trainers who wish to do corporate training as an independent side hustle.
💼 Freelance trainers who desire to improve their overall adult learning facilitation skills.
💼 Students who are interested in corporate training.
💼 Early-stage and rookie trainers.
💼 Trainers who wish to have sustainable training gigs.


is a Filipino leadership speaker, corporate trainer, entrepreneur, licensed professional teacher, and author and has been in the learning and talent development industry since 2012. 

Marlon earned his Masters in Public Management (MPM) at the Ateneo de Manila University - School of Government. He is an alumnus of the Asian Institute of Management with a Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Management Consulting.

He is the Founding President of Mzone Training Philippines, a learning & development company focusing on soft skills and essential skills training. Also the CEO of Azcend Leadership & Consulting Corporation, a talent management firm that handles trainers, speakers, and training companies.

Marlon is the Chief Operating Officer of Molmisa Ventures Corporation (MVC), a family-owned business that is engaged in the development of e-learning materials that are digitally distributed all over the United States, Canada, and Australia. Under MVC is the "Molmisa Virtual Office + Workspace," the first municipal-accredited virtual office in Cainta, Rizal, intending to help Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs.)

Marlon is an investor and member of the Board of Directors of Olivz Food Corporation and The Digital Juan Productions Inc.

MONICA SAGAD-MOLMISA is a corporate trainer, academic teacher, and Certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) who has already spoken and trained thousands of leaders in various fields and industries. 

Monica is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Molmisa Ventures Corporation (MVC), a family-owned business that manages three brands: (1) Speak & Teach PH, (2) Molmisa Virtual Office + Workspace, and (3) Molmisa Brand. The Molmisa Ventures Corporation empowers families by improving their education, livelihood, and lifestyle.

She is a Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology graduate at the University of the Philippines - Manila and a Special Lecturer at the said university. Monica is taking up her second and business-related course at iAcademy in Makati City. She works with his husband, Marlon Molmisa, with Mzone Training Philippines as its Operations Manager and Azcend Group as the Chief Optimizing Officer. 

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, Monica is one of the few Augmentative and Alternative Communication Specialists in the Philippines after receiving her certificate in AAC from the University of the Philippines Manila in 2018. She now serves as the Treasurer of their National Association, the Philippine Association of Speech-Language Pathologists (PASP).

Bridging her background in speech pathology, business, and education, Monica is a member of the Advisory Board of Boom Learning, a US-based company that creates a cloud-based digital learning resources platform. 

She is an achiever as she was the valedictorian of her batch in high school and grade school at Paco Catholic School, the largest Parochial School in the Philippines. 

PAUL EGUIA graduated as an Industrial Engineer from Mapua University – Manila, where he started his life coaching and training career.

He walks his talk as he has built his extensive decade-long experience in the corporate world and pioneered different businesses, particularly in the construction, trading, and food industries. He helps and mentors SMEs and owners to establish their organizations through strategic planning, employee engagement, leadership, and management training.

Paul earned his discipline in Learning Design and Evaluation at the Ateneo Center for Organization Research and Development. He is also a member of Empowered Coaches PH and is a Certified Organizational Leadership Coach by Strategic Organizational Leadership Academy.

In 2019, Paul launched the Think Up PH, a Digital Life Coaching Platform focusing on improving self-awareness and relationship management. Through the said platform, he shares personal insights and interviews celebrities and TV personalities to give powerful advice to its viewers. The Think Up PH was shown on mainstream through LightTV Channel 33 of Zoe Broadcasting (co-owner of A2Z) and other social media platforms.

In 2021, Paul’s Think Up PH was formally merged into Azcend Leadership & Consulting as the company's official life coaching and consultancy brand. Moreover, Paul Eguia is a Director, shareholder, and Chief Strategy Officer of Azcend Leadership & Consulting Corporation. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of a growing events styling company in South Manila, the AlterNation.


REGULAR RATE: Php 25,000.00
EARLY BIRD RATE: Php15,000.00 (if paid on or before 08 March 2024)
BUDDY RATE: Php42,000.00 / person (Group of 3)

* Terms and Conditions apply.
* Rates above are VAT-inclusive and all applicable government taxes.
* Installment payments, credit card payments, and post-dated check options are also available!

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