The Closer Program: Increase Your Closing Percentage

The best sales training must always center on creating high impact and making solutions, and then the profit follows.

Sales are a crucial aspect of every business, as they play a key role in customer acquisition, revenue generation, and overall profitability. Recent studies have shown that businesses that effectively navigate the sales funnel can experience a 32% increase in conversion rates (Sales Performance Research Institute, 2022). 

Moreover, personalized client profiling can lead to a 28% increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty, according to research conducted by Market Analytics Company XYZ. Crafting tailored and compelling pitches can result in a 25% increase in successful closures (Sales Pitch Effectiveness Report, 2022), while implementing proven closing techniques can boost overall sales by 20% (National Sales Association, 2022). 

In addition, companies that actively seek and act upon customer feedback experience a 22% increase in customer retention and long-term profitability (Customer Feedback Impact Study, 2021). Recognizing the importance of sales mentality and leveraging these strategies, our training program offers interactive workshops, role-playing exercises, and real-world simulations to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve remarkable success in your sales endeavors and extend your business's lifecycle beyond launch into sustained growth.

Welcome to The Closer Program: Increase Your Closing Percentage! 

In this program, you will be able to:

🚀 identify your ideal customer profile and maximize your segments;

🚀 understand the basics and secrets of cold calling to increase sales;

🚀 apply assertive communication techniques in client relations;

🚀 define the types of non-verbal communication in different contexts;

🚀 practice various up-to-date closing techniques; and

🚀 design a feedback mechanism to continuously improve your sales skills.

What are the Key Learning Points?

What Should Not to Forget in Prospecting

A. Identifying Ideal Customer Profile
B. The Basics of Client Cold Calling

What To Do In A Client Call

A. Passive, Aggressive, and Assertive Communication 
B. Assertive Communication Techniques
C. Types of Non-verbal Communication

What To Remember When Presenting 
Your Proposal/Pitch

A. Transition Prospecting to Proposing
B. Maximizing a Person’s Bias in Presentation
C. Product/Sales Pitch Preparation

The Most Effective Closing Techniques

A. The Top 5 Barriers to a Closed Sale
B. How to Counter with Closing Techniques

Factors to Consider in a Lost Sale

A. Making Use of Feedback for Continuous Improvement
Lead Tracking - Database
Business Development - Analytics
Embed in Sales Cycle - Sales Strategy

Who is the Master Trainer?

Paul Eguia graduated as an Industrial Engineer from Mapua University – Manila, where he started his life coaching and training career.

He walks his talk as he has built his extensive decade-long experience in the corporate world and pioneered different businesses, particularly in the construction, trading, and food industries. He helps and mentors SMEs and owners to establish their organizations through strategic planning, employee engagement, leadership, and management training.

Paul earned his discipline in Learning Design and Evaluation at the Ateneo Center for Organization Research and Development. He is also a member of Empowered Coaches PH and is a Certified Organizational Leadership Coach by Strategic Organizational Leadership Academy.

In 2019, Paul launched the Think Up PH, a Digital Life Coaching Platform focusing on improving self-awareness and relationship management. Through the said platform, he shares personal insights and interviews celebrities and TV personalities to give powerful advice to its viewers. The Think Up PH was shown on mainstream through LightTV Channel 33 of Zoe Broadcasting (co-owner of A2Z) and other social media platforms.

In 2021, Paul’s Think Up PH was formally merged into Azcend Leadership & Consulting as the company's official life coaching and consultancy brand. Moreover, Paul Eguia is a Director, shareholder, and Chief Strategy Officer of Azcend Leadership & Consulting Corporation. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of a growing events styling company in South Manila, the AlterNation.


REGULAR RATE: Php 5,000.00
EARLY BIRD RATE: Php3.500.00 (if paid on or before 08 March 2024)

* Terms and Conditions apply.
* Rates above are VAT-inclusive and all applicable government taxes.
* Installment payments, credit card payments, and post-dated check options are also available!

The Good News! We have a public run of this program on March 16, 2024 (Saturday), from 9am to 5pm at Brittany Hotel - Global South, Las Piñas. You can join!

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